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SiteBloc, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 with a fairly basic concept in mind. Our original goal was to help decrease congestions at local traffic sites by providing a way to prevent the "lookey loos" and "gawkers" from slowing down to view an accident, putting themselves and others at risk.

SiteBloc has undergone many variations to arrive at the cutting edge product available now. It's use has spread from the original concept of blocking view from traffic accidents to hundreds of recreational uses. Not only can SiteBloc provide crime scenes and other venues with privacy necessary to keep their site secure, but it can be used to cover RV areas, create an information center, erect a boundary for booths, and many other applications.

Founders Keith Meisenholder, Craig Green, and Milt Green bring a vast amount of experience in Operations and Business Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Research and Development. Their combined knowledge and practical "hands on" experience make up a uniquely diversified team for providing SiteBloc the foundation necessary to make this terrific product available.

SiteBloc can provide thousands of motorists, campers, recreationists, crime scene victims, and public and private agencies a practical approach to manage their own unique environment to provide the privacy and security necessary.

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