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SiteBloc provides for the quick and easy establishment of a 6 tall x 12' 24' 36 & 48' long privacy screen that is flexible in 12 sections. The flexibility provided by SiteBloc makes it a powerful tool for recreational use, crime and accident scene containment and preservation, keeping tactical information "private", establishing a Public Information Center, a quick Haz Mat changing area, crowd containment, media relations center, and many other uses as well.

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Customizable Shapes
Fully Enclosed Triangle
Half Enclosed L-Shape
Half Extended U-Shape
Half Enclosed Hexagon
Semi Extended S-Shape

Optional Wheeled Trolley
Carrying Case Unpacked
Easy to Assemble & Transport
SiteBloc is easy to assemble, transport, is self-contained, and can be fully erected and in use in less than ten minutes. The carrying case can easily fit into the trunk of most sedans, vans, SUV's, and other vehicles.

Lock Mechanism
Swivel Mechanism
Leg Weights
Highest Quality Materials
SiteBloc is constructed of the highest quality materials including corrosion resistant, power-coated tripods, cross members, and angle braces, to stainless steel hardware and long lasting, weather resistant nylon screens which are available in a variety of colors and mesh.

SiteBloc Panel
Panel Windholes

Essential in a Variety of Applications
SiteBloc provides the essential privacy and boundary control for crime and accident scenes, but its uses don't stop there. SiteBloc is useful in recreational activities and other applications as well:

2-Panel Kit
Multiple Panels

Available in Kits with 1-4 Panels
Panels adjust from 4.5' to 6' tall and 8' to 12' long and extension kits add on to make multi-panel units.

Actual Crime Scene, 2004
Streetlevel View
Overhead View
  • Conventional Booth Area
  • Traffic Accident Concealment
  • Medical Triage Boundary
  • RV Cover for Privacy
  • Haz Mat Changing Area
  • Public Information Center
  • Command Center
  • and hundreds of other uses!

Click here to order the SiteBloc Privacy Screen, today!

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